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roller shutter (steel, aluminum ,PVC )

PVC rapid roling door PVC door
PVC rapid rolling door
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Rapid operation of the door opening and closing action, automatic closing delay function, effectively prevent dust and mosquitoes. 

Been widely used in field high demands on the health conditions, like electronics, precision instruments, medicine, food, printing and packaging, automobile manufacturing, air shower, clean workshop, warehouse logistics, welding, paint processing etc.  Rapid operation, dust prevention & mosquito can improve the work efficiency and save energy.

Features1. Long service life. No rust, no deformation.   With resistance to ultraviolet ray, unique 1.5 million times continuous open design, its service life is up to 20 years;2. Safety performance.    Configuration of comprehensive security protection system, such as security electric eye, the airbag design, etc. 3. Good outlook. working  quietly, smoothly, and clean.4. Improving work efficiency. It’s proved that when the vehicles comes in and out of the door more than 50 times, the high speed door is an necessary investment; Under high flow conditions, victory rapid door can improve the work efficiency by more than 40%.5. Improving the working environment. It effectively separates precipitation, flies and dirt, etc., to maintain stability of the workshop environment, such as temperature, cleanliness, etc. 6. Reducing energy consumption such as air conditioning, heating. this door can save at least 60% energy;7. Promoting the enterprise image.